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Saturday, October 06, 2007

As a community of Saints committed to living the gospel, the Internet is a wonderful resource to help each other magnify our callings, to save time and stress, and to come together to learn and grow.

"The Files" are topic-based information such as links, ideas, suggestions, articles, talks, images...well, you get the idea, that are meant to assist you to magnify your calling, no matter what it is or amount of time as a member of the Church.

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    $ordner = "/home/webadmin/"; // must your path
    $handle = opendir($ordner);

    // initialize an array to hold the file names
    $path_files = array();

    while ($file = readdir ($handle)) {

    // add filename to the array
    $path_files[] = $file;

    // sort the file names array
    sort ($path_files);
    foreach($path_files as $file) {
    $compl = "".$file; // adapt to path
    // $compl = substr($ordner, 0)."/".$file; // adapt to path
    $shortfile = substr($file, 0, -4); // adapt to path
    echo "";