Thanks to Laurie Farmer for sharing the following idea with us:

Last Sunday, I shared a Personal Progress handout titled:

We are "BEARY" proud of your goals achieved in Personal Progress

I attached it a bag of gummy bears. The thought I included was from the book Do-It-Yourself Destiny by Elder Vaughn J. Featherstone on attitude and talked about a man that a general authority met that had a large tattoo on his body that read "Born Loser." He met this man in jail.

He then contrasted it with the story of a boy named Stephen that had a muscle degenerating disease and still achieved all these amazing things up until he died.

The thought focused on our attitudes and how we can look at our attitude in all aspects of our lives, especially Personal Progress. We can have the attitude "this
is a silly program" or have the attitude of "I am going to do it and
better myself!"