Thanks to Laurie Farmer for sharing the following idea with us:

I create a tag that says:

"Whistle while you work....on your Personal Progress"

I have a box of "Whistle Pops" to attach the tag to.

The thought is about leaders being goal setters with a story about boys driving without a map and a thought from President Lee that says:

“It is difficult to follow a leader who isn't going WHISTLE while you WORK on your personal progress and go somewhere, have a map and a destination.”

The worksheets I use come from the Young Women Fun-tastic Personal Progress Motivators CD (comes in a book also).

I do one value each month and run off Value Experience sheets each week. There are 6 sheets and then one project planning page. I briefly talk about the experiences I hand out for the week to get them excited about doing it. It makes it seem easier; just complete this sheet and you are done with one goal.

The thoughts I used in the past were from the November 2006 New Era. It was a great article on Personal Progress titled Five Reasons to Love Personal Progress. I did one section each week, like 3 paragraphs. You'll see that it makes sense where to break it up. It lasted for quite awhile and is great for Personal Progress.