The following story was shared by Christine Fewkes Layton in the LDSHFPE group on Yahoo and gave her permission to share this story:

Last year I was the RS President in a ward in the Midwest. I had only been in for two months and then everything went crazy - funerals, missionary dinners, Christmas giving tree, and lots of other stuff that are out of the norm. Through out all of this two of my dear friends kept my children while I served. Individually they said to me, "I can't do much - we are students and we don't have any money to help fix meals or anything but I can watch your children while you serve." I relied heavily on them during that month. I had been feeling badly that I could not alleviate more of the stress of our members and "do more" for those in need.

While I was driving to drop my kids off at one of their homes so I could help with a funeral, the song "A Little Drummer Boy" came on the radio. I had heard this song a
million times - I had even sung this song myself but this time it really hit me. This little boy wanted to give a gift to his Savior but he didn't have any money. Instead he decided to play a song for him on his drum. As a mom, a drum is not a musical instrument that you usually want around your newborn, but this little drummer boy played his song as best he could for his Savior. It really hit me then that that is all that our Savior asks of us - to use our talents, however coarse they may be, to help others and for His ultimate glory. What a lesson for me. Those sweet sisters who watched my kids did that for me so that I could do what little I could for others.

Christine Fewkes Layton